Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A new day

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who have participated in this conversation regarding the new rule. I know that people are frustrated. I accept that not everyone is going to like this rule. I appreciate that women are willing to voice their opinions. And now.. I TRULY HOPE that we can get past it.
We are here to support each other. It is totally okay to disagree but I really feel like this conversation may be destroying the glue of the competition.
We are all here with a common goal! We are here for friendships, support, encouragement and even the occasional kick in the butt. No one came here with the intent to hurt, or be hurt by another person. I admit that I have been taking this overly personal. I don't take the difference in opinion personal, but I do take my inability to somehow make it all better as a serious defeat.
I don't want people to change their opinions. I DO want everyone to focus on why they are here and keep working on reaching their goals.
I see the moral value in the opinions of all of you, thank you for sharing them. Now I would love nothing more than for us to rebuild our cohesion! Support one another!! And kick some butt this month.


Melissa said...

Amen sista! Lets get back to why we are lose weight, get healthy, make friends and change out lives!

jewel said...

Hi Karilynn....I am sorry for your frustrations! You are doing a great job. I hope you don't lose your motivation.

Just wanted to let you know that my being quiet lately has nothing to do with this...we have just been seriously on the run!

I am still so happy to be here, and as Melissa says, make friends and get healthy.

Looking forward to seeing this BL2009 back on the right track.

Elise said...

OK!! YES!! Let's lose a combined weight of...what was it?....200 pounds!!! WE CAN DO IT!!

Kelli said...

Well put, I feel the same way...lets move on and kick some butt!

Kathy said...

Ditto Ditto Ditto! October will be a great month to kick butt! Who wants Halloween candy anyway?! HA! I just realized the obvious, that weigh-in is the day after Halloween. :) Now there is some real motivation to not eat the candy! Yipee!!! 160s here I come!!!!