Friday, October 30, 2009

Household item.

Please include a measuring cup in your picture on Sunday!! Remember.. weights must be in by NOON mst to qualify for cash prizes. Good luck gals!! :o)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Flies!

HOLY MOLY!!! October is almost over!! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!? Just wanted to remind everyone that weigh in is on a Sunday this month. Weights are due by NOON (mst) to Melissa . Check back in the next couple of days to find out what the household item will be for the month. Can't wait to see how we all did in just 3 days!
P.S. It's daylight savings time this Sunday so you get an extra hour to get those weights in!! :o)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Before pics!

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent before pics in already! Please continue to send them to . Also.. if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this please send those to the same e-mail address. I would love to answer any questions you might have. Details for pictures are listed here. Please send them ASAP!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A new day

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who have participated in this conversation regarding the new rule. I know that people are frustrated. I accept that not everyone is going to like this rule. I appreciate that women are willing to voice their opinions. And now.. I TRULY HOPE that we can get past it.
We are here to support each other. It is totally okay to disagree but I really feel like this conversation may be destroying the glue of the competition.
We are all here with a common goal! We are here for friendships, support, encouragement and even the occasional kick in the butt. No one came here with the intent to hurt, or be hurt by another person. I admit that I have been taking this overly personal. I don't take the difference in opinion personal, but I do take my inability to somehow make it all better as a serious defeat.
I don't want people to change their opinions. I DO want everyone to focus on why they are here and keep working on reaching their goals.
I see the moral value in the opinions of all of you, thank you for sharing them. Now I would love nothing more than for us to rebuild our cohesion! Support one another!! And kick some butt this month.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok, you awesome BL winners!!

Elise * Angela * Misty

Please send me your paypal addy so I can transfer money into your account. Email me at:

Also... if you do not have a paypal, you might want to set one up, this is the only way we will be transferring the money. It is really simple to set one up and to also connect it to your bank account.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monthly Weigh in and Winners!

Alrighty guys! Sorry that took me SO long! I normally use photoshop and have my cute layout that I upload, but it isn't working so I had to do some things different! You all did AWESOME this month, it was fun to see!

We want to congratulate Robyn T. !! She lost 18 lbs this month!!!!!! That's so so awesome! WAY TO GO ROBYN and keep up the GREAT work!!

Unfortunately, she did not blog every week and turned her weight in late. This makes her ineligible for the prize money this month but she will STILL be in the running for next month and overall!! We struggled over the decision, but there is no point in having rules if we aren't going to enforce them. Just a reminder how important it is to CHECK THIS BLOG and follow the rules!

So the winners of this months weigh in are:

1st- Elise with 17 lbs lost!
2nd- Angela with 15 lbs lost!
3rd- Misty with 12 lbs lost!

Starting weights -- October weights --% of weight lost

Robyn T -187.0 ---------- 169.0 --------- 9.62 %
Elise – 194.4 ------------- 177.4---------- 8.74 %
Angela – 206.0---------- 191.0---------- 7.28 %
Misty -173.4 -------------161.4---------- 6.92 %
Karilynn -137.8 ----------130.4---------- 5.37 %
Sarah -177.0------------- 167.5---------- 5.36 %
Robyn -199.0 -----------189.5 ---------- 4.77 %
Andrea -137.0 ---------- 130.5 ----------4.74 %
Emily B -241.1---------- 230.3 ---------- 4.64 %
Kathy -185.6------------ 177.8 ----------4.20 %
Alicia – 178.5 ------------171.0 ----------4.20 %
Lorie -265.4------------ 256.0---------- 3.54 %
Lisa C -259.0----------- 251.5 ---------- 2.99 %
Cheryl – 142.5---------- 138.5---------- 2.81 %
Melissa – 155.4 --------- 151.4---------- 2.57 %
Ellura -187.4------------ 183.6---------- 2.03 %
Vicki -154.6 -------------151.6 ----------1.94 %
Moi -176.5 ------------- 173.0 ----------1.98 %
Mindy -332.4---------- 326.6---------- 1.74 %
Emily U 133.4---------- 131.2---------- 1.64 %
Jewel -184.0----------- 181.0 ----------1.63 %
Jody -154.0------------ 152.0 ----------1.29 %
Lindsay -169.5--------- 167.5 ----------1.17 %
Kelli -226.0------------ 223.5---------- 1.11 %
Christen – 228.2 ------ 226.2 ---------- 0.87 %
Megan -173.8 ----------173.2---------- 0.35 %
Brittany - 202.2------ 203.8---------- + 0.79 %
Rochelle 134.4 --------136.2 ----------+ 1.33 %
Jen -175.7------------ 180.3 ----------+ 2.61 %
Shannon - 199.8 ---------197.3
Tammy 132.4 ---------131.2
Wendy -155.6 ------- 152.8
Emily P -161.8
Karla -177.0
Kirsten -125.4 --------124.2
Just a reminder that girls who did not get their weights in on time can still send them in till the end of the day today in order to be eligible for next months prizes!
Combined we lost a total of 169.4 lbs!!!!