Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Looking to sign up?

If you are hoping to sign up for this competition the deadline is Saturday September 5th. Please state your name and leave a link to your weight loss blog here! (If you've already signed up, we will get your link up ASAP!) Remember, your money is due by Saturday! Once we get all the contributions we will be able to list "how much" the monthly and overall prizes will be. So excited to be a loser with all of you!

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Spitfire said...

Hey Karilynn...I decided to join after all...and I KNOW I'm squeaking by on the time and picture thing...I only decided this afternoon while I was out and could only get online today at 4:15ish. I really hope things workout and I can join still...paypal is not working for me...soooo, I guess we'll see. Here is the link to my blog.