Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog posts

HEY GIRLS!! Just wanted to remind you that you need to be blogging WEEKLY. It seems the gals who aren't keeping up on their blogs are also the ones who never sent me e-mail addresses so I have no way to remind them. If you would like reminders, and aren't already getting them, please send your email address to biglosers2009@yahoo.com. Thanks to all of you who are keeping up on your blogs. It's so fun to follow your progress.

One other thing.. if you would like a text message everyday... just like a "hey, have you done your workout today?" or "Move it move it!" email your cell phone numbers to the same address. I have unlimited texts and would be happy to send a little added support daily to anyone who wants it!

The money is all in and we will be posting the totals soon! Thanks for your patience. :o)


Kelli said...

If I were to win this month, I could not except anything over $40 for the month. Could I hypothetically then give what I win over $40 back to the pot for the overall winner of biggest loser blog?

Karilynn said...

Kelli... you can do whatever you want with money you win! ;o)

Kelli said...

Thank you!

Shannon said...

Ooops. Sorry I never sent my email address!!!